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Why our CBD Products Work

Hemp Health Pro Products are made with uniquely formulated ingredients, combined to help benefit the entire body by supporting the endocannabinoid system, inflammation response, resolution pathways and endogenous anti-oxidant pathways.

Our carefully crafted, non-genetically engineered hemp products help to:

          support the endocannabinoid system

          support the body’s natural inflammatory response function

          provide antioxidant activity

The endocannabinoid system contributes to overall health and well-being by supporting the body’s physiological homeostasis. The ECS regulates nearly every metabolic process in the body system, therefore a  well balanced ECS will help encourage favorable conditions in the body system, impacting the body’s ability to manage metabolic stress and may support overall health and well-being.

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Product Testing


CBD/Hemp is sold everywhere however, it is not all created equal!

CBD/Hemp is sold in drugstores, gas stations and many shops. Have you wondered if you are really getting what you paid for?

CBD/Hemp is a very promising product and is used for many different health disorders, it has also grown into a multi billion-dollar business that attracts both the serious growers that develop a tested, solid product, as well as the charlatans that are in it for the money.

When purchasing CBD you need to know the:

          Quality of the CBD source.

          The difference between Hemp and Marijuana.

          If your product is a tested hemp-based CBD.

          The level of contaminates

Through the “deceit " of labeling it is sometimes difficult to know what you are purchasing but, we have a solution!  Have your CBD/Hemp oil or plant tested:

We test for: heavy metals, pesticides, THC, CBD, CBN and CBG.


1. Email your mailing address to: TucsonFarms

2. You will receive an empty vile (1 dram) and prepaid return envelope.

3. Fill the vile with your CBD/Hemp oil, place it in the prepaid envelope and drop in the mail.


Mail Samples to:

5422 S. Shawnee Dr.

Sierra Vista, AZ. 85650

Seal your sample well.



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