Fish oil vs Hemp/CBD oil

Wholesome, rich hemp/CBD oil

We all need EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) but what is our best source?

We have all heard of the benefits of fish oil but how does HempHealthPro CBD oil measure up?

Fish oil is normally rancid.

Fish oil is normally derived from salmon, sardines, tuna, anchovies etc.. and it contains Omega-3, EPA and DHA, these oils have been used to help with many health disorders.  However, fish oil spoils and becomes rancid very easily compared to hemp/CBD oil due to the unstable nature of the highly unsaturated DHA and EPA it contains. Many of the fish oil capsules on the market today are actually rancid and do more harm than good when consumed.

Hemp /CBD oil is plant-based, cold-pressed and when packaged and stored correctly it does not oxidize or spoil easily.  It is composed of nearly 85 percent essential fatty acids (EFAs) alone and offers the richest, most balanced natural source of EFAs. The amount of alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid in 15 ml (one tablespoon) of hemp/CBD oil provides more than the daily EFA requirements. Hempseed/CBD oil is lower in saturated fatty acids than other comparable oils, is easily digested and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and much more.

Hemp seed oil shows one of the highest total phenolic content and antioxidant activity compared to most other plant-based oils. These naturally occurring phenolic compounds are known to play a key roll in reducing the risk of cancer, acting as a powerful antioxidant, promoting the elimination of free radicals and relieving inflammation.  The anti-carcinogenic properties of hempseed / CBD oil work by causing apoptosis (cell death) inhibiting the cell cycle and preventing the abnormal proliferation of cells typical of cancerous tumors.

Even though we don’t always think of Hemp/CBD providing EFA, it does, it also processes in the body much better than fish oil.

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