Benefits of Cherry Wine Hemp

From Hemp Health Pro Farm

We are growing Cherry Wine hemp on our Arizona Hemp Farm. Cherry Wine is a high potency and aromatic hemp.  We chose this particular variety because we know that all hemp is not created equal.  Each strain or variety is developed to accent certain characteristics depending on the desired effects.

Cherry Wine has naturally high levels of CBD and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids support the body’s natural inflammatory response and provide antioxidant activity.  Inflammation underlies most diseases of today and antioxidants fight the over-growth of cancer-causing free radicals.  Cherry Wine is also used for anxiety and many other health issues.

When you purchase from our goal is to provide you with an excellent product, grown naturally and processed without harsh chemicals, to help with your health and healing.

Below is a picture that was taken from the Hemp Health Pro Farm.  Our plants are full of beautiful live resin.

Live resin extracts capture the entire phytochemical profile of the plant — including cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals. You can easily tell the quality of our hemp as our extracts are based on the color and texture, also the aroma of our plants.

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